Razer Phone Leaks With Amazing Features: 120Hz Display, 4000mAh Battery, 8GB RAM

If we talk about PC Gaming, we can’t forget Razer. Razer carries a respectable history in the world of PC Gaming. Well, Razer right now manufactures hardware and peripherals in the PC environment. Razer is about to make its first foray into the smartphone market. As we already mentioned, Razer is a well-known brand for gaming accessories, so we could expect that the device must come with maximum power to resist even the heaviest games in the market. However, the latest leak confirms its technical specifications, which are simply indicating that Razer is focused on gamers. Therefore, it will be the first smartphone oriented to meet, specifically, with the concerns of the players. A step that was evident would be from the acquisition of Nextbin by Razer. It has been a telecommunications operator that, by mistake and before time, has made public the technical specifications of the Razer Phone. As according to the British mobile provider 3G UK posted, the Razer Phone will have some serious power under the hood. During the last months, we had already talked about that it would be a smartphone for gamers, but there were doubts about how Razer was going to give this approach to its first smartphone. Now, with the technical specification sheet in front, we can confirm that it will be a beast.